Premier History

Premier Group was incorporated in 2002 and rebranded in 2006 with new management to be a major distributor for oil & gas industry in Malaysia. Premier Group is licensed to Petronas (Malaysia National Oil Co) and other major oil companies in Malaysia like Petronas, Shell, Exxon Mobil, Petrofac etc since 2002 and we have more than 30 categories license with the Ministry of Finance for domestic government project and their GLC's companies.

Since 2005, Premier Group started to work globally with several projects in North Africa and Middle East and in 2010 we developed into another level of reliable consultant company with our excellence international business networking. In the same year of 2010, Premier Group adding into another business of Jack-Up & Oil Rig Services, and other marine vessels either as an operator or trading & succeed with the contract services and proven track record. With our fully competent and experienced team with reliable network, we offer the best consultancy, product & Services construction, installation, and maintenance group of companies.


Our vision is to become one of the largest recognise and reliable network of business consultancy in oil and gas industry in scope of supplying EPCC & contracting, oil rig services and marine services in global market.


Premier Group as a private company jointly with our associate and business partner globally, we always to provide the best services and quality to our customer. After we enhanced into global in 2005 and proven of oil rig services contract in 2010, we are driving to maintain our services for client's satisfaction and boost our com- pany into another high level of business successful in oil and gas and other industry.